Monday, 12 April 2010

it's cold

I thought I'd amuse you all with grotty studio shots.
In fact I purposely made it look worse than it is as I took the pictures for a guest lecture I'm doing at RMIT today. On running a craft based business. Thought I'd show the students how glamorous the design world is!

I was up early this morning to race the patched fabrics off to the quilters but managed to arrive 10 minutes after Peter had changed the pattern on the machine from 1" diamond (the one I use) to 2" diamond. If I'd made it in time it would have gone straight on the machine and I would have had it by early this afternoon but it pays to get on well with your tradey types and he's hopefully going to switch it back for me before he moves onto the rest of the other job. This point is always a little nerve wracking as you don't quite know how things are going to work out and the anticipation is a killer!

The weather has finally slipped into Autumn and we are having grey skies and people walking to work have dug out their coats to wear. This really is when the Cottage starts to buzz- gloves and wooly scarves and................. I really have a lot of work to do!


  1. are you kidding ... this is exactly the kind of studio I would die for!

    wish I knew you were doing a guest lecture earlier - I would have come along.

  2. Oen you are so funny, you know we all envy your wonderous studio! So full of gorgeousness and industry!
    cant wait to see the quilts. hey so is that why they are sewn in one piece - they go thru the quilting machine and then you cut them? RBxx


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