Saturday, 17 April 2010


I know by now you are all rolling your eyes and saying 'enough with the denim already' but it was/is a big project and I have to see it through to its completion. 
Yesterday I managed to actually make one of the proposed jackets. I used the old tea-towel jacket pattern but I restored the old tight fitting sleeve version (I changed it for a run of tea-towel jacket but I prefer the close fit, the three quarter sleeve sits nicer when tighter). It's only in size 1 at the moment but next week I'll get a few more done. They are going to be very limited in number. I think if you were to buy one then when you aren't wearing it it should hang on the wall- not saying that it's ART but rather that sometimes clothing is really nice to look at, like the vintage French linen chemises we had, they look beautiful just hanging around on an old wooden hanger.
I also made up half of the new batch of stripy linen cloth quilts and there are some absolute stunners in this batch. I patched together glass cloths and damask tablecloths and embroidered bits and pieces and they look superb. They are also different colours to the last batch, amazing sherbety yellows and greens and pretty pinks and blues and milk chocolate brown. I think of them a bit as summer quilts but really that's silly. I love the whole idea of layering one's bed with blankets and quilts and throws. I have patchwork quilts, a crocheted bedspread, Afghans, my old Indian quilt (that the stuffing is oozing out of), an Italian Marcella quilt and my beloved Welsh blanket- a United Nations of bedlinen!

Sometimes I shock myself at what a scavenger I am.
I thought I'd treat myself to a mini opp shop run yesterday morning. The outer suburbs were beginning their autumn blaze of colour and I really must remember to go for a drive in another week or so to see the burgundy and russets and golds in all their glory (limited though it is).
When I got to the shop of opps I spied this pile of chopped up pine tree, well actually there was two. Huge foot square chunks of resinous wood. I went over and looked at them. I pulled a few pieces out. Walked around the pile. Hummed and hahhed. Then I went and got the car and chucked 3 big chunks and a couple of smaller pieces in the boot. I'm thinking doilies, I'm thinking..... something.... Just some other clutter in my life!

Maybe I was just inspired by the light through the trees, the smell of the fresh cut pine and the steam rising from the mulch.


  1. Pen were you out My Way yesterday?
    Because my husband, the OCD wood collector came home with the back of his car FILLED with wood, that Looks Like This, that he saw on the way home. He had collected it, thank you very much, while still in his work suit.
    I am sending you a present in the post this week!

  2. You cant beat that fresh cut wood smell! I have never seen wood at an oppy before, so lucky you, bet you didnt expect that's what you would pick up that day. Eleesa

  3. Wooden Doilies? Me no understand?

    What the Dickens is that all about?

    Love that you are on the oppositetilt seasonally to us Brits, seems starnge to think of Autumn colour in blossom season!

    As for the dress you described with cherry blossom, any chance you will reinvent for Cottage Industry's rails?

    Sarah x

  4. All those denim creations are sounding lovely. I've been sewing a bit with denim over the last few days. Just a few little pinafores. And I love to hang them about the house like art while I decide how to decorate them with bits of applique and stuff.
    The Autumn trees are amazing around Daylesford at the moment. The op shops aren't that inspiring though.


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