Saturday, 3 April 2010

an easter saturday

I am much less stressed now I have contact with the outer world. Although I do now have a large pile of emails I must answer.
I've just scoffed the best Babka raspberry danish (it always pays to know the serving wenches at Babka!) and have a hot cross for later as I didn't get to have one yesterday. It's a shopgirl day today and I need to get my workbasket sorted- idle hands just makes the day go slower.

Now I'm feeling a little brighter I am itching to actually get some new projects started and restarting some projects that seem to have fallen by the wayside. Sometimes in all the bustle of 'everything else' I lose my way but the feeling of re-discovery is always a good energiser. I know that that energy sometimes doesn't last long but it is at least enough momentum to start rolling. I am definitely a creaky old steam engine. It takes some effort to get the head of steam up but once that's stoked I chug along nicely.

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