Thursday, 30 June 2011

colour me happier

I've been feeling a little flat of late, probably the mid-winter blues. I love winter but sometimes it is just that reaching of the middle of the year and knowing that it's all downhill from here. We are having crazy blue sky days here, sun so bright you have to wear sunglasses with your beanie. It's not that cold though, not really. I'd like some more bone numbing days, a bit of rain and even a bit more fog like we had the other night. I know- you all think I am crazy.

I have managed to get a few things done from the backlog of evening at home chores which is making me feel a bit virtuous and a lot more cheerful.
I've measured and weighed and tagged up some more hand spun yarn, I finally got a new batch of clocks done (8 Girl's Crystals sitting in a row....) and I've dyed some more woollen socks.
See I'm feeling a little smug.
Of course there is still a regiment of things I need to do piling up over my right shoulder but at least a few done is a good thing.

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