Monday, 6 June 2011

brass monkeys come out to play

I had a busy day today. Lots of zipping about in the car doing drop offs and pick ups. Racking up the kilometres. It was all meant to be done today so that I could get an early start in the studio but now I have appointments in the morning so there will be a slight delay. Mind you as much as I love cold weather I am not looking forward to the <12ÂșC that the studio will be tomorrow!  I will definitely be firing up the heaters.
The Cottage is a wintery place I always feel, we seem to be stocked full of winter warmers at this time of year. Quilts and woollen cushions, angora gloves, scarves, alpaca hot water bottle covers, boot socks, beanies and wheatbags but sadly not enough winter clothes! Which is why I need to get into the damn studio and stay there for a week. With low teen temperatures forecast for this week, I need to set aside another gloves dyeing day. I also need to get on the knitting machine and make some of the 'Mobius Loop' shawl-y things that everyone loved last year (we've had requests for them in the order book so I better get knitting).
I've been a right klutz this evening, transferring money to the wrong person's account, dropping soggy tea bags on the floor, accidentally turning on gas taps on the stove and putting too much hot water in the self saucing choc pudding. I think an early night might be in order. A book and a zapped wheatie bag in bed I think.
Well I'm off to put my flannel jimjams on and snuggle under my lovely Welsh blankets. Night all.

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