Wednesday, 1 June 2011

mistress winter knocking on the door

I worked again until late last night. Gingerbread hearts this time. We have been so low on them and the wall above the 'knitting table' in the shop has been looking a little sad (as has the table, new spotty knitting needles due any day now and hanging out for a shipment of wool from Nikki too). The pay off for the late nights is that I just can't be bothered getting out of bed in the morning, perhaps it's the frosty mornings as well, in some ways it seems silly to work all evening when it only means I can't prise myself from under the blankets the next day.
Winter is here and almost half a year gone.
I picked the quilting up yesterday and started 'releasing' the quilts from the 15 metre roll. It was so heavy and cumbersome that I could barely carry it up the stairs to the studio.Today I'll fire up the binder machine and get them done and hopefully in store this afternoon. I didn't get a moment last night to do the tea cosy window but I'll do it this week I promise, tonight perhaps. I also picked up the first batch of new quilted fabric yesterday and am itching to get this new project started as well. And there are new vintage Welsh blankets to be made into cushions too.
I wonder how cold the studio will be today and whether I will need to drag the heaters out for their first Winter whirl. There was icy fingers creeping around in there yesterday. Well I will just have to keep working to stay warm, think of me in my cold crafty garret.

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  1. I worked til 130am last night - argh and I was very grateful for my fingerless gloves.


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