Monday, 13 June 2011

a little bit of cleaning

I walked into the city yesterday. I got to see the Vietnamese Jasmine Revolution on the steps of Parliament House. I dropped in and chatted to a friend whilst she worked, I bought knitting needles and stripy tops and I may have drunk a hot chocolate.
Today was meant to be a three year old party but that household are under stomach bug quarantine so instead the day was spent cleaning and sorting out stuff in the hallway between the shop and the kitchen. Strangely it is still full of crap but a little less dangerous to walk through. The car is now piled full of stuff and I suppose I will have to spend tomorrow morning carrying it all upstairs and finding somewhere to stash it all. The studio is so very revolting at the moment...... It's Tuesday tomorrow and it feels like another week almost over before it has begun.
I've aired the house out, done the washing, dyed some more gloves but there is still drifts of clothes in the bedroom and boxes piled about. I sometimes wonder if I will ever live somewhere were I can see the floorboards!

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