Tuesday, 7 June 2011

country hookers

We have a secret posse of country hookers who work making very beautiful crocheted stuff for us. First off there is Ann who makes all of our really stunning afghan rugs, our daisy chain necklaces and most of our tea cosies (the owl-y ones and the crazy 'coral' formation ones that came from a 1930s pattern Ann inherited from her mother). We also have Paula and Tania, Paula makes lovely rugs and Tania does the very cute little girl berets (in the photo above), now the really interesting thing is that they are Ann's daughters- the apples certainly haven't fallen far from the tree in this case!
I have this theory about crocheters- most crocheters I know hate knitting but most knitters I know love a bit of crochet. I find it quite amusing. I suppose I suppose I fall into the 'knitter who does a bit of crocheting' basket, I can do both but I have crocheting friends who are very anti-knitting, in fact quite rabidly anti-knitting. As I just said it amuses me greatly.

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  1. As a country hooker I take great offence.,...oh you mean people who crochet. NOW Miss Pen....if you really want to see some country action you should come to our 'lovely' home town this weekend for the Alexandra truck rod and ute show....its enough to drive a woman to a life of craft and solitude.


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