Wednesday, 15 June 2011


Yesterday was a strange old day. Within 15 minutes of getting to the studio I felt like a panic attack brewing with the thought of how much work I needed to do and though an offer of escape (lunch with friends) popped up I knew that I just needed to keep my head down and finish some stuff. Which I did, the new trouser pattern is graded, the issues I had over the jacket pattern have all been worked out and I took control of the prototype bag project that has been dragging on for 8 months.
I had a meeting to go to last night in the city and afterwards I jumped a tram to get home a bit quicker. Well that would have been great if the tram driver hadn't decided to sail straight passed two stops as we all stood at the doors waiting for him to stop and the doors to swish open. When he finally woke up and stopped I had to cut back up to Gertrude Street, which was fine because I like checking houses out on dark nights and I did find some great ones I had never stumbled on until last night- sadly the emphasis here is on 'stumble'. As I walked up the middle of the lane I stumbled and rolled my ankle and reeled drunkenly across the road until I regained my balance. I now have a very pained foot with slight swelling around the ankle, strained not sprained I like to think. It kept waking me up in the night catching on the bedclothes so Jethro and I did not sleep well at all, he was in a jumpy mood with night noises and I was in pain. We both had a little sleep in this morning.
I'm off to treat myself to breakfast out and a little meditation on staying focus through out my studio day.
Hopefully if I stay in the studio confines I won't get myself into much trouble.


  1. ouch ouch ouch
    Rolled/sprained my ankle really badly in my early twenties - has never been the take care Pen. ouch again...

  2. My sympathies... ice and elevation is key!


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