Thursday, 16 June 2011

stick a pony on it

OK, I admit I slept in this morning.
I was snuggled down and Jethro wasn't interested in getting up either so I just kept hitting the snooze button.
Again and again and again and again.
Mind you in hindsight I may as well have not got up. Everything I had to do this morning ended up with a large spanner in it- first person I had appointment with had to be somewhere else, fabric swatches weren't ready yet, computers at City of Yarra weren't working, queues at the post office business centre were ridiculous for the second day running. I had to laugh about it though, when more than 3 things don't happen it is just too silly, I'm now wondering if my afternoon appointments will go phfffft.
I started working on the new patchwork jackets yesterday and had that awful feeling of 'oh bugger' but then I repaired a couple of dodgy areas and decided I quite liked it again. It's funny how that happens as you are making product (love/hate/love/hate/love) and it's the ability of problem solving that really takes individual pieces over the line. The pony has patched a frayed bit of fabric in the crook of the elbow on a sleeve and the rest of the tray doily has repaired another fray on the front facing, you won't actually see that bit as it will be hidden when the jacket is on. I have plans for more patchwork garments and I am fascinated by the people who 'get' these pieces. I don't think clothing should be easy as such, it should engage the wearer and the viewer. It doesn't mean that things should be hard to wear or complexly made but that it 'speaks' to people, drawing on memories and creating new stories. I think we should all learn to darn because as we repair the clothes that we wear we stop and handle them in a different way, we quietly sit with them and meditate on what the journey we have travelled together.


  1. Ha ha! I love stick a bird on it. Makes me laugh more everytime I see it.

  2. My Thursday began also with a snooze button repeatedly pressed... and now I spy it is 10.45 in the eve and I have achieved very little with the day. It is unlikely this rotten Thursday will turn into a productive or restful one given so little of it remains.

    Here's to a bright and brilliant Friday for us both.


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