Saturday, 18 June 2011

colour my day

I thought you might be sick of photos of ottomans and default photos of Jethro so I've picked the spectrum shelves of printing pigments from my friend Ben's screenprinting factory. I'm not sure I may have posted it before but it is oh so pretty and it leapt out at me when I was searching for a picture.
Saturday again, nothing much to report except an overwhelming desire to crawl back into bed with tea and papers. I remember when my Saturdays involved just that or sitting in the kitchen, heater going with friends dropping in for tea and chats. Now I have the pre-11am deadline to go on the paper/bread hunt, have brekky, write a post, change my clothes six times until I just give up and chuck the old faithfuls on, vacuum the shop, do a bit of a sort and then have the Five Minutes Before Opening Panic. This probably the reason why we are closed on Sundays, I couldn't do that two days in a row.
Jethro is enjoying jumping from one ottoman to the next and tomorrow I need to factor in time for a new window display. The quilt that was in the window has been sold and I haven't replaced it, the shop feels very bright and open without something hanging as a backdrop in the window. I feel very on show!
Anyway, better dash, things to do you know!

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  1. That is a fab photo, right up my alley. Hey love, I'm hoping you can furnish me with the number for an industrial machine fixerer, pretty please?


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