Sunday, 5 June 2011

wind and the willies

Living with Jethro is like having a sweet but very crazed little boy in the house.
This morning started at 6am with everything on the bedside table being pushed slowly off onto the floor. Then there was the running about, followed by things being knocked over in the front room and everything on  top of the trunks on the landing ending up on the floor. There was strange noises in the backyard. Hi-jinks on the stairs. Jumping on the bed. Wind created craziness.
It all came to a head when Jethro suddenly disappeared around mid-morning. He was there one minute, gone the next. For some reason I was sure he was out in our tiny backyard but when I looked he wasn't there. I called him and this cheery miaow replied- from the backyard next door. There was a huge scrabble and suddenly there he was on top of the fence, grinning and very pleased with himself.
I thought I had managed to cat proof the wooden side fence when Jethro was younger but it seems that while corrugated iron cladding works well to stop a vertical accent it does nothing to stop a cat when he has grown to monster size and is capable of doing 6ft leaps from a window sill to the top of a fence. Impressive.
When I grabbed him off the top of the fence he was not happy and attempted to climb on the clothes line to escape. I spent the next hour trying to stop him going over the top again. He even got up to show me how he had worked it out, he's a mad jumper and climber. I feel guilty that I have now raised the fence to stop him escaping but the problem is if he manages to get over the fence and then out into the laneway then he has no way to get back in.
The wind made him crazy as a cut snake today but by late afternoon he was passed out in exhaustion. I've chased him around the shop this evening and am keeping my fingers crossed he will sleep tonight. He really is quite hilarious when he gets his crazy pants on but I just wish he would sleep in in the mornings.

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