Saturday, 11 June 2011


Long weekend here, Queen's Birthday, start of the snow season, really just an excuse for a day off work on Monday.
Most important of all it is International Yarn Bombing Day today! (My apologies but I've been meaning to post about this since March but I just haven't managed to do it.... my bad, sorry. It is also K.I.P. Day today but I am not going to mention that after the 4 page advertising feature that appeared in last Saturday's The Age newspaper about it. It appears every time I personally comment on this blog about the corporate community taking over community based movements I get in trouble and receive abusive emails.)
A couple of woollen pompoms have appeared in Miss Magnolia this morning so someone is already up and out bombing in Fitzroy. They have chosen a lovely magnolia magenta for the poms so nice colour coordination there, congratulations.
I know I haven't given you much warning to get out there but really it can be as simple as you like. Remember it is totally OK to use found stuff  (as you know I use op shopped doilies), you could pick apart an old afghan, pop a beanie on a statue, in fact there are a few statues around that I think would look great in a sweater or cardi!
Also, being a long weekend, why not extend it to Monday?
Of course your yarn bombing shouldn't be defined by one day in the year.
It's a beautiful sunny winter's day in Melbourne so get out there people and YARN BOMB!

Mersey Bluff Devonport

(I must tell you the story of the doily rocks on the beach sometime.......)

Princes Park Battery Point Hobart

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