Thursday, 9 June 2011

allay, delay, belay, hooray

OK I didn't get to the studio yesterday.
I had stuff to pick up from the auctioneers, vintage fabric to drool over, a baby to admire, cups of tea to drink and a massive pile of invoices and emails to write.
I also managed to skip both breakfast and lunch and by mid-afternoon was feeling a little strung out and crazed. After I scoffed down some food I went all delirious and longed for an afternoon nap- ooops.
I must get to the studio today though. I have stock to make to go off to photo shoots, parcels to pack to go to customers and a fear of falling even further behind that needs to be slightly allayed.
I also really, really need to unpack the mobile storage unit (aka the car)- mainly so I can load it up again with different/more stuff.

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  1. This fabric is too gorgeous. I am dying to find something like this for a mini kitchen makeover... Looking forward to seeing what you make with it.


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