Wednesday, 29 June 2011

a right little procrastinator

I really am the worst procrastinator. I finally sorted out an order this morning that I should have written two weeks ago. Somehow it just filled my head with angst and I just couldn't allocate the time (5 minutes as it turned out) to do it. It's done now and I am thinking of all the times I find something else to do instead and I know that I am always amazed at how little time it actually took to sort out the procrastinated chore. Perhaps that is the rule with procrastinating, you then have to beat yourself up for your procrastination.
I'm off to the studio to attempt some work. I may choose to not answer the phone or a knock on the door and see how much I can get done as yesterday was an interrupted kind of day.
Instead of doing all those other jobs that needed doing last night I once again ended up on the couch knitting. The problem is I can't knit the denim yarn and do other things, it stains my hands so much that it gets into the pores of my skin and I leave indigo fingerprints everywhere (see back of shop door). I had forgotten how nice it is to sit and knit with nice fine metal needles. I'll leave it out for Dell to see how far I have gotten (about a quarter of the way).
After last night's fog it is a sparkly clear day so I am strolling down to the studio. I could do with a walk and a bit of vitamin D I think.

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