Sunday, 19 June 2011

curious and curiouser

Oh look- the Cottage has turned into a furniture store!
I know I promised no more Welsh blanket pictures but I did a new window this afternoon, pulled out one of the Axminster rugs and set up a little Winter 'lounge room'. Included is Ann the Super Crocheter's star afghan, it's a beauty, a crocheted 'log cabin' design rug.
I'm always shocked to see how many people stop and just stand there watching whilst I do window displays. It's quite amusing really as they think I can't hear them through the glass and  I pretend I can't, Jethro of course plays to the crowd. It's also funny with the new(ish) windows, how different things look.
Whilst I was doing the window I saw a girl walk passed wearing a fabulous jacket made from the same Welsh blanket that is on the ottoman to the left (the black/yellow/orange one) I tried to catch her eye and point to the ottoman but I think she just thought I had a nasty tick and was a little crazed.
I forgot to do about twenty things today (although I did manage to finish the pile of gift tags that has been strewn around the couch for the last 5 months, nasty bit of procrastination) and tomorrow I need to do a big clean and sort at the studio. It is looking like this will be a curious week , exciting addition arriving on Tuesday and joy-oh-joy Friday is the release date for the new Gillian Welch album and I can not tell you how excited I am about that! You know I am a total nerd!


  1. They turned out great Pene!!

    So nice to finally meet you the other day too. x


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