Wednesday, 1 June 2011

patch happy

I've been a good girl again tonight, TV off and music on and a pile of clocks made. I am trying to work my way through all those unfinished jobs that I have been procrastinating over. There are even new clock designs on the wall downstairs and the gingerbread heart wall that has been looking very sad for the last month is now covered in hearts and looking very pretty.  I'm attempting to deal with each job separately and not trying to see the overwhelming heap of things still to be done.
I stayed in the studio today and managed to get the new blanket quilts finished (yay!) and treated myself by starting work on the New Project. I've been stockpiling vintage quilt tops, many going back to the Depression Era and I've finally had the first batch fabric-to-fabric quilted onto calico. I very in-love with these quilts and the process has totally changed them giving them solidity and a fabulous wonkiness at the same time. First off the rank is a cone skirt lined with stripy shirting and a vintage print facing.
I had a hexagon patchwork skirt I made a few years ago and I wore it to Sydney when Miss Beck and I went up for a day trip adventure. We were most amused by the looks we got from Sydneysiders who we were sure were muttering to themselves that we were definitely from Melbourne. Our skirts were too long and our shoes weren't thongs..... and we were both too pale.

I'm reading books set in Appalachia (thanks Library Girl!), listening to the Corn Sisters singing Long Black Veil and quite possibly going a little hillbilly mad. All this patching is stitching my life back together, it feels good to make stuff.

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