Wednesday, 22 June 2011


Yesterday's big job on the new machine was making up a batch of alpaca hot water bottle covers. They are tweedy and patched and oh-so-very-snuggly, just perfect for this chilly weather. I love the natural colours and simple patterns in this alpaca blanketing. There are also still a couple of the lovely plum mohair covers left as well.
I got up at 6 this morning and re-zapped my hot water bottle shaped wheatie bag as it had fallen out of bed and had lost all its heat, Jethro came upstairs, knocked the iPhone off the bedside table and then like a heat seeking missile lay down right over the wheat bag and promptly fell asleep. Cheeky monkey.
I'm off up country this morning to pick up gloves. I've been a little slow to start today and managed to spill porridge milk on my keyboard. I must remember to get petrol on the way otherwise I will be stuck by the side of the road somewhere and I must remember to drop of packages in the mailbox.
Nikki's new knitting needles arrived yesterday and are in store. They are made from old Rimu (New Zealand wood) railway sleepers and are either a stained charcoal or the natural russet colour- and of course- have been designed by and totally handmade for Nikki.

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