Saturday, 4 June 2011

man babies, booties and blankets

I did get around to changing the shop window on Thursday night. Jethro helped and the tea cosies made people smile as they strolled by (if it is possible to stroll on a cold dark Winter's evening).
I've just had 2 month old Abraham visit with his dad this morning and this weekend I'm hoping to get to visit the new handmadelife arrival (no name as yet). There are little boys everywhere at the moment! Abraham left with one of our beautiful new Tallangrove hand spun alpaca beanie and bootie sets and I must choose one to go to Beck's new man. They are dreamy and soft and I wish they came in adult sized booties, we do have adult alpaca beanies so maybe I'll just have to keep one of those.
I made a new batch of Welsh blanket cushions yesterday so now we have new turquoise/black/cream, red/black/cream and chocolate/brown/pink colourways in. I also made a few old favourites as well. There is also the last of the gorgeous green/raspberry ones in (they are in the photo above) and they are a narrow version perfect to use as a lumber cushion. I'm in love with the chocolate-y cushions at the moment, don't let the 'pink' description put you off, they look like a beautiful chocolate and hazelnut layer cake, mmmm yum.....


  1. looks cosy! as soon as my car problems are resolved I'll come for a sticky-beak. Maybe Saturday next????

  2. Ah the claws - still chortling.....I am partial to a winter's stroll but that's because I am a hardy Northern European and your winters seem positively carribbean to me!
    Liking the sound of Gertrude impromptu street performance. Perhaps you should "quilt the city?" or perhaps just start with Fitzroy!
    hope those quilts are cosying out the door,

    Sarah x


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