Monday, 27 June 2011

oh! wow! very excited!

I am very excited to announce that Nikki Gabriel will be coming to town to host some workshops at the end of July. Nik is having a pop-up shop and workroom happening at Harvest Textiles but just before she sets up there she is coming to the Cottage to hold two workshops- hence the 'very excited'!
We've tried to organise these over the last two years but things just kept getting in the way. Now they are happening! 

The two workshops will be held on 
Sunday the 24th of July 2011
Workshop #1 11am-1pm 
Workshop #2 2pm-4pm

'So how much do they cost and what will I get?' I hear you ask. 
For the measly sum of $88.00 you will get Nikki for two hours, a handprinted tote bag containing 2 balls of Wooli wool in your choice of colour, a Construction pattern and a set of knitting needles (sadly not Nikki's lovely handmade ones but a pair that will work in exactly the same way I have been assured), morning or afternoon tea (depending on which class you attend!) and a 10% discount on purchases made during the workshop.

I think that is a pretty fabulous deal actually!

Two balls of wool will get you started on one of Nikki's garments and I think you will be excited at how quickly and satisfyingly it all comes together. 
Spaces are limited and you can book at the Queens of Craft  on-line shop, over the phone or in person here at Cottage Industry. You can also email me if you want more information. 
When you book please remember to let us know which workshop you want to attend, leave a contact telephone number just in case and let us know what colour wool you are thinking of using- from the top down the colours are black, dark grey, burgundy and greige.

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