Friday, 10 June 2011

i wish

No photos today, I loved this painting when I saw it on The Persephone Post just the other day so I just had to use it. I'll be in the kitchen today dyeing gloves and I am totally wishing that the kitchen in the painting is mine. Somewhat strangely I have the same shelves on the wall (Ikea 2011- Harold Harvey 1918 ). In fact I think that kitchen is supremely 'now', well in my world it is, everything old is new again and I am totally in love with this painting. 
Anyway, enough with the interior stylings of my dream house.
Gertrude Street had a huge day yesterday with an accident that blocked off the Brunswick Street to Nicholson Street end. You may have seen it on the news if you are a Melbournian. Dell spent the time texting me with updates as I was in the studio. Late in the afternoon we discovered that we actually knew the people in the car and that they were on their way to the Cottage for a visit. Huge relief that the super lovely G and little S are both OK and we send our love out to the them. (If you've seen the photo of the accident you would totally understand. OMG.)
So we are hoping for a relatively uneventful 'normal' day around here today. I had better dash and work out what dyes I need to restock on and what colours I need to do.

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