Saturday, 25 June 2011

giant pansy

I sometimes think having a shop is just a means for indulging my creative and retail fantasies. Sometimes it takes what feels like forever to get something happening but it is exciting when it starts rolling along. It can be a case of stockpiling your materials until you have enough to play with,perhaps finding the right people to turn your ideas into reality or finding the wholesaler who can supply you with the things you need. 
Finally I've got my hands on the fake flowers I have been searching for for the last three years! Dear Madame L'Uccello let me sneak in on her flower order and there was much excitement the other day when they all arrived. It is quite amusing the different flowers we each chose, the l'Uccello blooms are all blouse-y and fabulous and perfect for the Cup or a wedding and Kim is accumulating quite a pile of exquisite Dior blue haberdashery. My flowers are all velvety and slightly silly and are yearning to be worn as corsages on tweedy coats or printed cotton frocks and cardigans. My favourites are the velvet pansies the size of saucers but I also love the violets and the red strawberries and the primulas and the mixed posies too. I also have some magnolias, I couldn't not order them when we have Miss Magnolia outside the shop door. 
I've been sitting in front of  the TV putting brooch backs on them and I'll be putting them in store today. I have them piled in a basket  and I am not quite sure where I am going to put them.... I just wish that I was much more organised and that I had beautiful wool coats and jackets for them to be pinned to.

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  1. Shh, don't tell anyone I'm back! and quietly lurking gathering my thoughts! Now saucer sized pansy broaches, yes please! How much are they? I shall be sending Pen straight round to peruse!
    How are you? Love it when you get the tingle of a great idea and it all comes together.
    I am going to tinker with my blog so may be absent a tad longer. Hope you are keeping cosy, sending a scratch and tickle behind left ear for Jethro,

    Sarah xXx


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