Saturday, 2 July 2011

of notes to self, living in a village in a city and being amused by a cat

Sometimes I need to leave notes for myself. Especially if I am not in the studio for a few days and as the first thing I do when I get to the studio is to turn the iron on, so I left this note to self on the ironing board for next week.
Going up to the bakery this morning I went by the park, you can tell it is mid-winter because you can see right through the trees all the way to the farthest edge. The light was long and low and the sun glowing through lazy foggy wraiths. I'm back home with bombolino and tea and feeling dozy and half-arsed. It's one of those mornings were everything is quiet and echo-y and I am astounded that I live barely a kilometre from the city, a country town couldn't be quieter.
I'm still getting used to the new sewing machine but I did manage to make a big batch of lavender bags (accompanied by much sneezing as I filled them) this week and I have finished more of the quilted 'Clementine' patchwork skirts. We only had one left from the last small batch. I sat on the couch last night and hand stitched the hems.
I really need to get the vacuum cleaner upstairs, the floor is a mess of wood dust, bits of tape, wool and thread. Jethro tried to eat a pile of wood dust the other evening, when he realised the taste was dreadful he then spent the rest of the evening playing with it, pushing little piles about with his paws and swishing his tail through it. Ever since he was a kitten he has loved fetching glove offcuts from when I make the owlette toys. He's even been known for breaking into bags to steal bits of angora gloves. He's upped the ante now by fetching whole gloves. Not good ones from out of the baskets in the shop but sad lost blotchy dyed ones. It is pretty funny to see him carrying a long glove in his mouth, mewing as he goes and tripping over it. I woke up this morning to this.......

And before I forget we have a new very lovely vintage lampbase in store. I love it. 1920-30s, dark wood, quite tall, simple but very stylish, would fit in anywhere..... sounds like my dream man......

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