Saturday, 9 July 2011

shop face

This week has been an absolute bugger. A week of ups and downs and frustrations all round.
Perfect conditions to make me a bear with a sore head. I am looking forward to a quiet day tomorrow, shutting the door on everyone and pottering about. Perhaps even making some sense in the kitchen and picking up all the clothes that carpet the bedroom floor. Collecting together all the tapestries that are stashed everywhere might also be a grand plan.
I have a thousand things that need to get started/finished next week and I really hope that I can get some things done. It might make me feel less 'grrrrrrr' if I can see some progress happening. I need to open all the windows and doors and air the house out, literally and metaphorically.
I also need to move or unpack all the cardboard boxes that are stacked in the shop, stuffed under the cushion bunk, under the table, stacked in the store cupboard, piled in the hallway. Dell said yesterday when I commented on the boxes that at least the 'Op Shop Guide' box was almost empty. She was making with the funnies there, it is the smallest box of all, barely 25cm square. Ha ha and yes we will have to order more of those soon too.
In shop news we have a selection of 18" pianola shades back in, a whole baby bath full of Hookturn cups (including the red ones) and of course all the fabulous Northern Queens of Craft stock.
Anyway it's time to vacuum and get my 'shop face' on.

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  1. time out with Jethro is the cure - turn the Grrrrrrr into Prrrrrrrrr!
    Hope you have managed to get even 10% of your list done Pen! It will all sell eventually of course, just drives you crazy in the interim!

    Hope you sold loads today!

    Sarah x


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