Wednesday, 27 July 2011

stitched up

No nightmares last night (yay).
Knitted like a thing possessed yesterday, over 8,500 stitches knitted, which seems like a crazy amount but it comes up the same every time I punch it into the calculator so either I am doing something wrong repeatedly or it is correct. My hands are definitely stained blue for the indigo in the yarn and I look like I have had a fight with a sheet of carbon paper.
I'm taking all the patched fabric off to the quilter's this morning and dropping in to see Nikki at Harvest Textiles so hopefully I'll have some photos to show you.
Then it will be back here to dye gloves and get a bit more knitting done in between coughing and dribbling nose.
It 's a lovely blue sky winter's day out there so I'll be  wearing my sunglasses and squinting at a sparkly world.

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  1. I cant wait to see the denim show - its sounds amazing. I hope you feel better soon you knitting wonder!


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