Wednesday, 6 July 2011

workshop update! change of date! more big wooli balls have arrived!

I've just had word from Nikki that we need to change the date of the workshops here at the Cottage. Hope this doesn't stuff people around!
So instead of the workshops happening on the 24th of July they are now going to be on the 31st of July. Everything else is the same, times, place, cake, etc.
The Queens of Craft has been updated and I will be sending out an email as soon as a get a moment.
I also picked up the shipment of 200gm Wooli balls that Nikki has sent through so we have all the colours back in stock again. We sold out of the last batch pretty quickly but we have a nice big basket of them sitting out now.
Of course this now gives you a few more days to sort out your diary and make a booking to attend!

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