Thursday, 7 July 2011

crazy crochet critter cause chaos at cottage!*

I had one of those mornings that sunk into a black hole. I was waiting for our lampshade maker to come but she got stuck in traffic for 3/4 of an hour and whilst I should have used the time to perhaps write a post, eat breakfast, answer emails, I instead sat on an ottoman in the shop and played tickling games with Jethro.
I did spend the rest of the day at the knitting division of PenCorp (the bit of the studio that all the knitting machines and wool are piled in) and managed to get some knitting done. Yay for me! Huh.

If you pop over to The Thousands you can be in the draw to win a place at Nikki's Workshop #1 here at the Cottage. Got to be in it to win it! And I know you all love a freebie!

I love the close up photos of Ann's tea cosies, they look like weird triffid-y underwater monsters*.
And I love a bit of bad alliteration.
And were you watching the ABC news last Friday night? First report of the night about the bribery scandal at Securrency? Bribery spelt 'bribary' emblazoned behind newsreader..... good one national broadcaster! Standards really are slipping, probably outsourced the captioning to save money, my suggestion is for them to go with IMT.

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