Saturday, 23 July 2011

bursting forth

It is the time when Miss Magnolia bursts her buds and puts on a show of extreme beauty. It means we still have a bit of winter to go but Spring isn't far off. There will be rain and grey skies still to come but it will be tempered with blouse-y blooms. It's hard to see the flowers when you look up but when I look out my upstairs window I am up amidst the very highest tips that are bursting  and so very close to popping open. You can almost hear the buds straining under the pressure and the petals unfurling with a soft 'flup' and a sigh.

Shop day today and then I intend to crash and the couch and start furiously knitting, hands stained with indigo.
In shop news Nikki's Construction pattern #3 has arrived and we only have a few places left in the afternoon workshop so if you have been procrastinating about signing up be quick! (You can still enter the competition to win a place at the afternoon workshop if you pop over here.) The 'Op Shop Guide' is back in the shop and we have our big safety pins back in store as well. We have new colours arriving next week of the butcher's twine and I have a put the Agricultural Show cushions out on display. Always something new happening around here.......

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  1. Magnolia outside your bedroom window sounds heavenly, love your description as I gaze across at my fast ripening apples and plums in the orchard.
    I really wish I could come to your knitting workshop as I am knit/croch-lexic ~ sounds like just the ticket.
    Have a brilliant weekend Pen,



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