Tuesday, 5 July 2011

over hill and dale

You may not have noticed but I've been off up country for the last couple of day. We went north to collect handmade work created by the Northern Queens of Craft (more on that later). It was cold, mild, sunny, cloudy, dry, rainy and full of amazing views.

As well as seeing the NQoC we also dropped in to see Miss Charlotte, to deliver some bits and pieces and to do a small bit of doily-ism on a lichen-y tree outside the country hall she will be celebrating her wedding reception in. The views across the valley were just spectacular and it is going to be a very fine shindig. I would have liked to do more doilies on the tree but time was running out and my fingers started to freeze, I couldn't feel the needle so dexterity was down to about zero. Perhaps more will appear between now and the wedding day.

Sadly op shopping was a wash out, too late, wrong day, nothing worth buying. It can be like that sometimes.

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  1. oh my lord, those doillies are spectacular! I'm collecting some to make a lampshade with...


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