Monday, 18 July 2011

silly cow

I finally managed to get some studio work done today.
I was going to hold off showing you what I've been working on (the inserts won't arrive until Wednesday) but I'm rather pleased with the new cushions. The new batch is made from old Agricultural Show prize ribbons, patched together with felt I picked up at l'Uccello and backed with our lovely Swedish raw linen fabric. I find them amusing.
I also made some new Welsh blanket cushions and ironed and prepped a huge pile of tea towels ready to make into cushions. It feels good to be making as we are so low on some stock and that is always a slightly scary feeling. As I've said before, prepping and making is a great way to clean up the studio! I've got to try and keep myself chained to the sewing machine for the next couple of days so that I can take Thursday off to dash into Design Made Trade. I seem to have a lot of extra stuff on this week. I'll let you in on them later. I need to decide on the menu for Nikki's Workshop Teas as well. So many things on.
I'm off to zap my wheat bag hottie and read the last few stories in my book so I can mail it back to Library Girl. I'm sure I've forgotten to go something tonight. Oh well, it can't have been important.

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  1. I owe you a book too darl! Will post this week.xx
    wore my patchy skirt yesterday: so warm AND so lovely.


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