Wednesday, 20 July 2011

officially a middle aged geek

I really am turning middle aged.....
I spent this evening attending a cook book launch.
Well, it was the launch (with food) for Matthew Evans's new book 'Winter on the Farm' so I suppose it was mainly just me being a bit of a geek. The photo is of Jen chewing Mr Evans's ear off. I didn't bring my copy so I didn't get it signed and being shy I just stood back and watched.
I was sprung attending by a waiter I knew and a shop-friend or two. I really must remember that sometimes people read this blog and note my declaration of a crush. Heehee, giggle, blush, heehee.
I forgot to take my good camera so the photo is from my phone. See, such a stalker.
Nibbles were from the book and were yum. We may have harassed the waiters. Potato and bacon soup, ragu on semolina, cheese puffs, coconut-ty slice and choc brownies.
You should have been there.


  1. so glad I am not alone Pen! Tee hee, I must admit to being stalkerish, but only because I get these fixations on things that really inspire me so I promise myself I will follow them through and then get the heebie-geebies at the very last minute and become all wallflowerish - what on earth is that all about?

    Love the shop window pic too by the way -

    Sarah x


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