Thursday, 14 July 2011

midnight toil

It's always good to know when you are burning the midnight oil that someone else is also out there working. I'm just not sure I appreciated the jackhammering! My sympathies go out to the folks up on High Street Northcote who have had to deal with road and tram works for the last week. I think I would have shut up shop and gone on vacation.
I spent last night dyeing gloves and getting orders boxed up and ready to go out. Of course when I finally crashed into bed I couldn't get to sleep. I'm yawn enough this morning to end up with a flip top head. Sadly I'm not happy in the light of day with some of the gloves colours so they will have to go back in the dyepot for a re-jig tonight. Three nights straight dyeing is not my idea of a bit of relaxation after a hard day at the studio!

UPDATE Nikki Gabriel Workshops!

Workshop #1 has completely sold out!
Workshop #2 has limited spaces available so please if you are interested in attending please get in touch.

We are very excited about the response to Nikki's workshops! Thanks!

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