Saturday, 30 July 2011

making honey while the sun shines

Yesterday was spent 'Gleaning'. We cut aprons from the garden tent and sat around a table and sewed. Some soup was drunk, some hilarity with people not following the working order instructions.
I decided to hand sew my apron (I know, I know) but I actually enjoyed doing it this way more I think, gives me an appreciation for pre-sewing machine days- and post sewing machine invention and how very excited that must have made people.
The fabric was digitally printed with photos Tan took in her garden last summer and my apron had a giant bee perched on clover printed on it. Gorgeous!

Workshop Day tomorrow!
I still have a lot of cleaning, sorting and baking to do tonight. I will of course probably over cater (have had people overing to drop in on Monday to scoff what ever is left- cheeky buggers). I'm hoping today is a busy shop day otherwise I will probably be all twitchy over all the things I need to sort out- probably just jinxed myself there.
And YES that damn last place still hasn't sold!! 
If you would like to take it up please call or drop into the shop today as I am going to put the 'sold out' sign up on the Queens of Craft site just so no confusion happens, just in case some one buys it and I can't get on to the computer to change the settings.
I do have plans for the Queens of Craft on-line shop so stay tuned.
Anyway I better scoot, emails to send, floors to vacuum.

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