Monday, 1 August 2011

eat, drink, knit, chat

Exhausted from the last few days.
Both sessions booked out! Hot chocolate was drunk, ginger fluff sponge was eaten, things were knitted.
There are still a few cups to be washed and I need to lug 6 chairs upstairs but the shop is pretty much back in order.

Jethro loved having people to play with but after hanging around for half the class and being ignored he took himself off to bed. He's had a huge weekend (Jethro 2- Mice 0).

Thanks everyone for coming!
It was a fabulous day.


  1. love the pom poms, so glad it all went well. looks like a wonderful time was had at the Cottage!

  2. gee whizz, wish I'd checked your blog while I was in sMelbs... I LOVED my time there and it would have been made just perfect wrapping up my last day with a workshop at your cottage... I met Nikki at HW on Thursday when I'd just arrived and was fresh-faced. She very kindly showed me the space (beautiful) and her lovely things. Bummed I missed it at your place. oh well, next time. xo


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