Tuesday, 9 August 2011

printer's (st)ink

I was meant to be showing you our lovely new shop postcard design today.
Sadly no.
You are just going to have to make do with this one for now.
I got the call to say they were ready and went down to pick them up. Rod (who is a little scared of me after the last few debacles) raced off to get my order and proudly presented a bundle of 1000 postcards to me- in the lovebird design. Somewhat strange as I had taken a disc down with the new design and explained to the counter-jockette what I wanted.... they didn't open the file and just printed off the old design they had on their computer..... so now I have one thousand lovebird cards (I asked what they would do with them and Rod handed them over and said 'just take them') and they are printing off the new design today.
We really won't need to print another batch for quite some time.......
So stay tuned for the new postcard.... coming soon.... hopefully.


  1. I love that design penne - I'm sure no-one will mind putting up with that card until the others are ready. Bec x

  2. speechless.
    but sadly un-surprised...


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