Wednesday, 17 August 2011

top shelf

Sorry for the lack of posts.
It's been a bit busy here, TV off, music on and working my way through all those procrastinated jobs that have been sitting taunting me. Of course they are taking much less time in reality than they had blown out to in my imagination- there must be a mathematical formula for that- and, as so often happens both here and at the studio, horizontal surfaces are appearing as I tick off each project. Last night it was printing and bagging greeting cards, tonight making clocks. There is still a lot to get through but it is a little liberating.
Also my barely three month old camera carked it this morning. There was much beating of chest, pulling of hair and gnashing of teeth. Canon was no help, the people at the Camera Clinic were lovely and JBHifi came to the party and are swapping the camera. I have to say that buying something like this from a large chain of stores has actually had dividends this time, they are getting the camera transferred over from another store and exchanging mine for one that works. That part made my head spin from how accommodating they have been. (Positive comment for camera ends here.)
My desk here was spanking clean a week and a half ago (mainly because I had to swap tables and I swept everything onto the floor) but slowly there are piles of paperwork accumulating once again. Somehow I need to get some sort of order happening with the amount of paperwork in/filed.
We've got new cushions in stock and more waiting for the stuffing to arrive. I've been piecing granny purses together. There is a new bundle of bunting hanging around. I'm slowly chopping into the patchwork quilt tops. And best of all- next week I'm buggering off for a break.

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