Friday, 12 August 2011

attack of the killer cramp

Sadly the quilter didn't come through with the goods yesterday. To fill my day in though I cut up the last of the last batch and made bags and hot water bottle covers. The nights are still cold. Fingers crossed I get the call today to say I can come and pick up the giant rolls of quilt-y goodness.
I was in a strange mood yesterday as I had a killer cramp down the side of my thigh that was impossible to stretch away and every time I sat at the sewing machine and pressed the foot pedal I would jump up screaming 'ouchfuckouchfuckouch'. It was one of those times where one is stuck between excruciating pain and hilarity at the situation. It made sewing very hard for a while there and I did actually throw a cushion cover across the room in annoyance (no anger just frustration). Whilst I was getting rid of a pile of fabric by making it in to stock, I was building a pile of rubbish next to the cutting table, avoiding putting it in the big rubbish sack and just making a huge mess in the process. Like I said, funny mood. Tossing crap about is sometimes quite cathartic.

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  1. Ow! Poor you. Warmth is the way to go in that situation.


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