Monday, 8 August 2011

concentration demarcation

Really not quite sure what to do with myself today. The lurgy is still playing havoc with me (strangely I am fine horizontal but turn into a coughing snot monster when vertical). I am in the limbo of waiting for the quilting to come back and also needing to get in the car and do a whole pile of racing about picking things up. I like getting a clear day in the studio and find that running out on errands breaks the flow too much. So perhaps I should get all those errand-y things done so I can concentrate and spend the rest of the week in the studio. 
Mondays can be like this, wanting to start the week as one means to go, productively. I am a bit all over the place as all the external deadlines are done and now I need to do my work. Could I have an extra day off this week and a couple of extra work days this week to catch up? Thanks.

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  1. Hey other Pen sent me the rainbow shot too! Oh and then so did little bro faraway....great minds,

    Sarah x


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