Sunday, 21 August 2011

a right little cinders

It was my fault the laundry/bathroom/kitchen got flooded last night.
Jethro had nothing to do with it.
Mind you if he hadn't been asleep on the gold leather pouffé upstairs I am sure he would have noticed and come and got me.
As it is I spent an hour and a half on my hands and knees mopping the floor (thank you heaven for a concrete slab of a floor) with every single towel I owned (thank you heaven for that obsession I had about patterned towels from Savers).
So last night I felt like a right little Cinderella. Jethro took on the role of Buttons late in the piece when he decided soggy towels and hands were a newly invented game.
Now I am trying to get a few extra pots of glove dyeing squeezed in before I hit the road to visit the Northern Queens of Craft. It will be a flying visit and I'll be rushing back to sort out piles of stuff before I officially bugger off.

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  1. Fixated at your Welsh tapestry cushions, keep coming back to stare....

    Sarah x


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