Saturday, 6 August 2011

rainbows and chimney tops

Last night just before heading off to Mr Kitly we got to see a full rainbow and a glorious sunset. There was another stunning rainbow last Saturday too and a beetroot sunset last week. So pretty.
If you walked into the kitchen half and hour ago you would have seen Jethro and I with our noses in amongst a bunch of freesias. They are my favourite flower and the smell has a profound effect on me, to my surprise it seems to have the same effect on Jethro and he was leaning against me, breathing the smell in and  purring fit to burst. He is a strange cat indeed, just after I got home I was standing by the counter holding the flowers and he miaowed demandingly at me because he wanted to see them close up. Funny funny kittah.
The first scented white freesias of the season are always a cause for celebration.

A lovely time was had last night and although Renilde's work sadly hasn't arrived (thank you Australia Post and all your affiliates- you all stink) Dell has done a wonderful job and Adam has done  superb work designing the catalogue.
So finally the last two big weeks are over. My cold, which I thought was over, has now moved south and I am coughing and spluttering , I hate these progressive type of bugs, just when you think you have seen the back of them they slap you around again. I think a sleep in is on order tomorrow morning or perhaps even an early night tonight. Next week I may even get to spend the whole week in the studio making new stock, that might be interesting.

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  1. Hmm, I had a hunch that Jethro would be freesia kind of boy! Does he like sweet peas too?

    Sarah x


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