Tuesday, 23 August 2011


It's been a crazy forty eight hours.
I've driven 800 kilometres, I've met with my favourite Northern Queens of Craft -and boy do we have some stunning Afghan rugs and tea cosies!- then back to Melbourne, raced off to Ikea, measured walls, ruled lines, drilled holes, been to the hardware store twice in 15 minutes this morning, put up shelves, unpacked new display domes, priced all the new NQ of C stock, emailed people, looked at the pile of bills to be paid, gulped in fear, done a load of washing........

There is still a mountain to be scaled before I officially Bugger Off tonight.
I'd be writing a list if I was that sort of person.
The daffodil patch by the blue house was a sight to see and when I met up with Queen Ann she pulled out a whole batch of tea cosies covered in daffodils and pansies and one seriously OTT one that is laden with flowers and insects- it's fabulous! Of course I've had no time to snap any of them.

When I got home late yesterday there was this beautiful face waiting for me at the bedroom window.
(Queen Marnie asked for more pictures of Jethro when I saw her yesterday.)

Last night's dash to Ikea was to pick up shelves, same as the ones in the kitchen, for the shop. Well worth the panic to get them, I'd checked on the interweb thingy but they were no longer listed in white but there they were and best of all half price, yay! OK I bought two......
So the shelves are up and the first batch of domes are out, not all have arrived yet and there are different styles coming. I am now obsessed with finding things to put under glass...... I have a stash of taxidermy birds but they aren't going out until the big cloches arrive.
Better get another bucket of tea into me and find something to eat before I collapse in a heap and pay the wrong bills.


  1. have a fabulous break dear Pen.
    I have been saving up the chocolate for drinking TONIGHT.
    all the new merch sounds exciting...can't wait to see it. will come shopping again one sat morning - BTW - the slate and slate pencil and great - everyone is using them

  2. Wow domes!

    Happy holibobs, have a brilliant time,

    Sarah x

  3. I waited, bated, veil in hand. I think we even passed on the road! In great fluster too. See you at the bunker. loving all the new cottage stuff. overdue a visit xx C.


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