Saturday, 13 August 2011

the garden of quiltly delights

By the end of yesterday I don't think there was a part of my body that didn't hurt.
If you were out and about you may have seen a little white hatchback tearing across the northern suburbs with a huge roll of quilted fabric strapped to its roof and another one jammed in the back. I then had to lug the buggers upstairs to the studio. One roll was the equivalent of 20 woollen blankets, 25 metres of calico, 5 metres of Dell denim and about 3 kilos of wadding. The other roll was made from 50 metres of 1.8 metre wide calico and 50 metres of vintage quilt tops. No I didn't ring for help.

Once it was all in the studio I started the cutting, trimming, binding, finishing, pressing.
Nine new quilts.
Then I loaded the car back up again and dragged it all into the shop.

Where Dell then helped my photograph them all.
I stood holding the quilts and Dell tried to trick me into peeking out from behind the quilts and calling out 'have you taken the photo yet?' so she can get a silly picture of looking like Foo over the top of a quilt.


Then we folded them all up and hung a new one on the wall near the counter.

The quilts are in new combinations and are extraordinarily pretty.

The paler colours make the checks all hazy.

I even managed to make a couple of new cushions.

cushions sold

Then I went to the city to hunt some linen fabric down (shop closed), get some dinner (Sushi Ten unexpectedly closed) and buy a new pair of hiking boots. I was so tired on the way home I could have cried from exhaustion. I think Jethro picked up on my weariness and stayed snuggled up against me all night in bed rather than hang with his mouse pals downstairs.
I'll be the one in the shop today walking like a hunched over old crone but sporting an exceedingly comfortable pair of new hiking boots.

And as usual if you like any of the quilts you can call the shop or email me. You know the drill, just
drag-and-drop the one you like into an email and we will get back to you. They are no problem to mail.


  1. They're great! Like a cross between quilts and the ABC test pattern!

  2. You hunch-back! It was worth the disfigurement though Pen, they are GORGEOUS! Hope you start to unfurl sometime soon!

    Sarah x


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