Saturday, 20 August 2011

the return of the round bottomed granny

In the flurry of making this week I managed to get a whole batch of round bottomed grannies- purses that is-  made up. All in our beautiful furnishing linens. We've been really really low on them for quite a while now and at last we have a whole tray full.

And if you have ever thought that perhaps the Cottage was a cushion shop.... then you'd be right. We seem to have been taken over by cushions at the moment! I made up a new run of Welsh tapestry blanket cushions, more quilted blanket cushions (we sold out of the last lot) and as the Swedish linen we use for the back of some cushions and the gingerbread hearts had arrived I made up some new patchwork cushions.

I love the vintage patchwork quilt tops that I have had fabric-to-fabric quilted (that's one of the rolls that nearly killed me last Friday that I lugged up the stairs to the studio). When Dell popped into the studio during the week we spent some time just staring at the all the different fabrics in the quilts, little pieces the size of a fifty cent piece, ohhing and ahhing over the prints. Most of this batch is made from feed sack fabrics  (which I will write about in a couple of weeks) and occasionally you find fabrics that are very very old, tiny pieces that have been saved and have finally made their way into being used.

When I look around the Cottage at the moment we seem to have gone from lacking in stock to bursting at the seams. There are still quite a few things I need to finish but I am feeling that that little spirt of making has helped. We have all sorts of new things arriving and we have nowhere to put it all....... and before I forget there are new vintage standard lamp bases in as well.

Oh! People don't forget it's Anna, Nicky and Cass's HUGE garage/moving/open studio sale today at Carlow House in the city! Check over here and here for the details. So upset I have to work today.........

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