Thursday, 4 August 2011

barely worn, worn threadbare

Finally done- apart from a little adjustment blocking on the dark toed foot.
They went into the washing machine at 11.15 last night, all fingers -and toes- were crossed, then into the dryer. When I knew all was well it was well deserved bedtime, although with this unseasonal hot weather  not the greatest night for sleep. This morning was time to block and press.
'Stockings for an Indigo Dyer's Wife'.
Perhaps the Indigo Dyer has saved all the waste yarn, the mistakes, the tangled yarn, the misdyes and she has knitted herself a pair of stockings. She'll only ever wear for 'best', they will be tucked away in a trunk and when she dies they will be found, barely worn or worn threadbare.

I look out my bedroom the sky is blue, towards the city battleship grey. Tropical winter.


  1. Beautiful. And I love the stockings "back story".

  2. so literary... wish I could be there to see that beautiful denim collection...


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