Wednesday, 10 August 2011

clean slate, new slate

I feel like there hasn't been much shop news of late, just boring drivel (can't get any work done, errands, blah, blah, blah...). Finally today we've managed to put out some new stock. Joy oh joy!
I picked these up this morning, real slate slates, so very old school/old skool. These are made from real slate, not blackboard painted masonite, if you run your hand over them you can feel that they are smooth but uneven, just fabulous. It made me think of Anne breaking her slate over Gilbert's head for calling her 'Carrot'. I just happened to have a box of slate pencils in the little display cabinet so we have attached one to each slate. One side is plain and the other side is printed in little squares so you can practise your copperplate. They also made me think back to prep and grade 1 and how we would have writing  first thing in the morning, with chalk and a blackboard each- do kids still write on slates and is chalk considered a health hazard? Jeez I am feeling old...... from slates to iPads in a generation and a bit.

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  1. ooo, Gil and Anne, I swoon! My fav movie (telemovie that is!) of all time xxx


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