Tuesday, 2 August 2011

single denim, double denim, triple denim, denim, denim, denim

This is going to be one exhibition opening with a dress code, yes, I am sure that rugged cotton twill will be out in force on Friday night!
Dell Stewart (artist, craftsperson, curator, superstar) has gathered together a band of denim lovers for this exhibition at Mr Kitly (gem of a shop/gallery). Dell and Adam (artist, designer, all-around-talentman)  have also put  together a catalogue, the first publication of True Believer. It is all hugely exciting.
I, of course, have been very bad. I am still working on my piece. One of these days Dell just won't ask me to join in as I am so late with finish stuff..... my written homework for the catalogue was submitted barely 12 hours before the revised deadline......
Apart from a few errands this morning I'll be staying home and focussing on getting it done. It needs to be washed and dried and pressed (perhaps, the thought of 'pressed' denim has me worried, visions of bad jeans with creases down the leg...... ).
I hope it works out ok, I'll let you know, let's just say it's knitted and it's triple denim.

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  1. lol, my favourite old sewing machine mechanic has creases ironed in the fronts of his jeans by his wife who is as old skool as he is!


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