Monday, 29 August 2011

the off button

Sorry but no picture today (I haven't worked out how to successfully include photos on an open access computer...) so you will just have to use your imagination.
I'm 6 days in on the 'rest cure' and I haven't managed to find the 'off button'. That's not to say I haven't been taking it easy but I have found it difficult to not feel guilty for just sitting staring into space. I was brought up with few holidays and those that we did have (as I have written about before) mainly involved long drives and then more long drives. It is now at a genetic level, I feel that I have to be constantly moving and/or looking at stuff.
So I have been meditating (so to speak) on slowing down and trying to not climb the wall when sitting still. Trying to activate the 'off button' is actually really really hard.
Stop laughing.
It takes a lot of energy to do very little.
I have been checking in on the interweb thingy (how I hate thee iPhone) and checking my emails and generally still being mentally on the other side of the Strait which probably hasn't helped! I did wake up this morning to Lucy's fabulous Design Files Father's Day Giveaway, one of our fabulous Forage bow ties is up for grabs with a whole pile of other great prizes. I think you have until this evening to get your entry in. See I just can't help myself!
I'm back in the car tomorrow. If I'm lucky I might even get to see a little bit of snow.
Anyway, better dash, there's a couch and a book waiting for me.


  1. keep at it Miss Pen Pen... it takes practice!

  2. close your eyes and slow......downnn........



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