Tuesday, 6 September 2011

i'm home!

I'm home and I am feeling rather like the lady in the picture.
A bit disheveled and lopsided.
Jethro is talking to me and has exceeded his Cute Quota (apparently he has been a bit depressed and over the shop girls for the last couple of days) and has attempted to climb in bags and play with things as I unpack.
Now the unpacking is a bit of a problem. I've only managed to bring in my big backpack and a carry bag, that is 'the washing'. We have a bit of a space issue here at the Cottage at the moment, just before I left and whilst I was away we've had masses of boxes arrive. The kitchen is so full it's ridiculous and we have more boxes arriving either today or tomorrow. So you see I haven't even got to unpacking the car (aka the mobile storage unit) yet.
There has been lots of exciting stuff arrive and I have also to trawl through my emails to sort out more orders that got put on hold until I got back. You'll probably be seeing holiday and Cottage-y posts all mixed up for the next week or so. I didn't take that many snaps whilst I was away, sometimes I just can't be bothered, but there will be some I'll be sharing no doubt.
I'm ready to swap my hiking boots for something a little lighter and probably need a shower (mind you there is a mountain of boxes I need to move to actually get to the shower....) and I must get the washing on.
It's nice to be on holiday but sometimes it's even nicer to get home.

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  1. Good! you're back. It's been too quiet with no news emanating from the Cottage. Welcome home dear Pen.


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