Saturday, 17 September 2011


The Royal Melbourne Show window isn't quite right (I seem to have misplaced my window mojo somewhere) having a splitting headache- still/again- didn't help. It's OK, just not great, but it did stop a few people last night I noticed whilst I sorted the shop out. It is still funny that people think they can't be heard when they make comments out on the street, the Power of Glass!
Jethro of course thinks that glass domes with stuffed pigeons and a birdcage with budgies in it is there to tempt him. Cruel of me I know. I was very excited to get the 'money shot' of him looking directly at me and I am sure he's thinking 'really Long Legs, a glass dome, you think that will stop me from release my friends?!'. Please come and buy these birds before someone works out how to break in to them. I've got a couple of extra birds in the cupboard, one black and white and one that would be perfect s(h)itting on a statue. We've got a big selection of domes  and I've pulled out the little ceramic hand painted birds too, I'm dribbling new stock in.

Slowly I am packing Winter away and getting the Spring ball rolling. I had these giant rosettes made for the display and we'll be selling them once I've worked out the prices and labelled them all. I've also picked up the new flowers from New York so they will be heading into the shop very soon too. 

Also half of our new sandal order arrived yesterday (deliveries around here at the moment seem to be coming in halves, half our satchel order, half our sandals...) so we are fully stocked for sizes 3-7 in blue and green. The rest will hopefully arrive on Monday and as we are down to 2 pairs of red they better get here then otherwise I might stamp my foot in annoyance!

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