Saturday, 10 September 2011

pressing matters

I've managed to fall behind with archiving all the press stuff that has been popping up over the last few months.We've had mentions on interwebworld type places like Mr and Mrs Smith but I never seem to find the time to collect them all in one spot.  The hard copy stuff is a bit easier and I have a box of magazines and tears jammed in the corner.
The latest edition of inside/out magazine has one of our vintage First World War recruitment bunting cushions in it that Lisa Gorman bought for herself for Xmas last year. I've managed to score the last of that bunting so there will be a final batch of those cushions coming shortly.

When the luscious Lucy of D-files fame dropped in the other day she showed us the computer version of this page in House and Garden so of course we had to run out and get it. This time Luce is in front of the camera not hiding behind it! And the Cottage got a mention and that's one of our Welsh blanket cushions down there in the right hand corner. Lucy is a gem and has always been very supportive of the Cottage and I can't say how much it means to me. Of course I had to tease her about being on the other end of the lens!

I'm back as shopgirl today, that will be a shock to the system (as will being back in the studio on Monday). Jethro is happy to have me home and I watched whilst he 'talked' to two dogs through the glass door this morning, first a Boston bulldog that was about the same size, both of them noses up to the glass, and then a very large whiteish Alsation thing who put his paw to the glass. Jethro takes it all in his stride, of course no glass it would be a different matter, and that is probably why there is rarely a interspecies confrontation.

Better get the vacuum out, it appears that moulting season is upon us, time to kick start my morning.

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  1. I am finding pinterest great for collecting web stuff into one place - you should check it out (if you haven't already). Your home has been pinned a few times!


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